No Nonsense is a free, all-in-one WordPress plugin to remove built-in elements of WordPress your site may not use, resulting in a cleaner, faster, more stable and more secure website. All from a single, streamlined admin screen.

Version 2.6 now available!

Please see the changelog for details on the latest features.

What does it do?

No Nonsense includes a wide-ranging set of one-time utilities and day-to-day settings for your WordPress site.


Utilities are one-time actions to clean up default content, plugins and options in the default WordPress installation, and include the following:

  • Deactivate and delete Akismet Anti-Spam plugin New in 2.4!
  • Deactivate and delete Hello Dolly plugin
  • Delete inactive themes Updated in 2.6!
  • Delete sample content ("Hello world!" post and comment, plus "Sample Page")
  • Remove default tagline ("Just another WordPress site")
  • Set permalink structure to /%postname%/


Settings are persistent configuration changes that modify default behaviors on each page load, and include the following:

Admin Access

  • Limit admin elements for logged-in non-editors (subscribers)
  • Redirect admin to home page for logged-in non-editors (subscribers)

Admin Bar

  • Add a quick logout link to the top right corner
  • Hide admin bar for logged-in non-editors (subscribers)
  • Remove "Howdy" greeting before username
  • Remove admin bar WordPress logo/link

Admin Features

  • Disallow theme and plugin file editing
  • Remove Comments from admin
  • Remove individual core Dashboard widgets
  • Remove Posts from admin
  • Remove admin color scheme picker on profile page

Block Editor

  • Disallow Full Site Editing (FSE)
  • Remove "Edit site" link
  • Remove Widgets block editor (restores old Widgets interface)
  • Remove default block patterns
  • Remove duotone SVG filters
  • Remove global styles (inline CSS) New in 2.5!

Front End

  • Disable site search
  • Redirect attachment pages to file URL New in 2.6!
  • Remove WP emoji
  • Remove comments from front end
  • Remove front end inline Edit links
  • Remove individual head tags (e.g. REST API, RSS feeds, resource hints)


  • Remove admin email check interval
  • Replace WP logo/link with custom site icon/link on the login screen

Security and Updates

  • Auto core update send email only on error
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Skip new bundled themes, plugins, etc. on core updates