No Nonsense is a free, all-in-one WordPress plugin to remove built-in elements of WordPress your site may not use, resulting in a cleaner, faster, more stable and more secure website. All from a single, streamlined admin screen.

Version 2.4 now available!

Version 2.4 adds new utilities (see below).

Version 2.3 adds two new filters that allow developers to customize their No Nonsense experience by removing built-in options, adding their own options, or hardcoding settings. Read more in the developer documentation.

What does it do?

No Nonsense includes a wide-ranging set of one-time utilities and day-to-day settings for your WordPress site.


Utilities are one-time actions to clean up default content, plugins and options in the default WordPress installation, and include the following:

  • Deactivate and delete Akismet Anti-Spam plugin New in 2.4!
  • Deactivate and delete Hello Dolly plugin
  • Delete inactive themes New in 2.4!
  • Delete sample content ("Hello world!" post and comment, plus "Sample Page")
  • Remove default tagline ("Just another WordPress site")
  • Set permalink structure to /%postname%/


Settings are persistent configuration changes that modify default behaviors on each page load, and include the following:

Admin Access

  • Limit admin elements for logged-in non-editors (subscribers)
  • Redirect admin to home page for logged-in non-editors (subscribers)

Admin Bar

  • Add a quick logout link to the top right corner
  • Hide admin bar for logged-in non-editors (subscribers)
  • Remove "Howdy" greeting before username
  • Remove admin bar WordPress logo/link

Admin Features

  • Disallow theme and plugin file editing
  • Remove Comments from admin
  • Remove individual core Dashboard widgets
  • Remove Posts from admin
  • Remove admin color scheme picker on profile page

Block Editor

  • Disallow Full Site Editing
  • Remove "Edit site" link
  • Remove Widgets block editor (restores old Widgets interface)
  • Remove default block patterns
  • Remove duotone SVG filters

Front End

  • Disable site search
  • Remove WP emoji
  • Remove comments from front end
  • Remove front end inline Edit links
  • Remove individual head tags (e.g. REST API, RSS feeds, resource hints)


  • Remove admin email check interval
  • Replace WP logo/link with custom site icon/link on the login screen

Security and Updates

  • Auto core update send email only on error
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Skip new bundled themes, plugins, etc. on core updates